Because Peru has such a varied geography the weather can be quite confusing: if it's warm on the coast it can be cold in the mountains and doing something completely different in the jungle! The upside to this is that no matter what time of year you come you can be guaranteed sunshine somewhere! Have a look at our weather guide so you can work out what the weather will be like in all the places you're going to visit and, more importantly, what clothes to bring! Have a look at our regional information below:


From November through to around April, the whole of the coast is soaked in sunshine, making it an ideal time for the beach no matter where you are. This fine weather continues throughout the winter both in the far north (places like Mancora, for example) and also inland a few miles (eg: Ica or Nazca). However, from Trujillo south to around Pisco, the winter (May to October) brings cloud and keeps a real lid on temperatures with a strange kind of "cold humidity".

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The dry season in the Southern Andes runs from April to October and you'll generally find clear, warm days that rapidly cool at night with temperatures dropping as low as zero in July and August. Don't worry - all our hotels have heating! In the rainy months (November-March but particularly February and March) it doesn't get that cold (around 18C in the day and 15C at night) but it does rain an awful lot. The Inca trail is usually closed in February - partly to give it a chance to recover and partly because of the weather. May and October are probably the best months to visit Puno and Cuzco as it's not too cold at night but it's fine and sunny during the day for those all-important trips to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca!

The Northern Andes have a similar climate to the mountains further south but generally more mild due to the reduced elevation and proximity to the equator. The rainy season is slightly longer, particularly in Chachapoyas, lasting from October to May.

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There are no two ways about it: the jungle is basically hot and steamy. Having said that, it is certainly less steamy in the dry season (April-October). In many ways, however, travel in the wet season is better, as higher water levels mean that more of the jungle is accesible by small boats, and this is usually the easiest way to get around. For a good combination, try travelling in April or May, when water levels are still good, but the rain has eased off!

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